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What equipment does my wrestler need? 

Weekly Practice: 
T-shirt, shorts, wrestling shoes.  Headgear, water bottle and mouth guard are strongly encouraged. Please trim finger nails. Please NO regular street shoes on the mats.   

Participation in USA Wrestling Tournaments:
Wrestling singlet OR two piece "doublet" uniform, headgear, wrestling shoes are 
MANDATORY for competition.   Fingernails must be trimmed and there can be no skin lesions. These will be checked when you weigh in BEFORE the tournament. 

New Milford Youth Wrestling will be providing an opportunity to purchase NMWA wrestling team and competition attire.

*You will need to purchase wrestling shoes and headgear on your own. See bellow for more information on these two items. 


All youth wrestlers will need to have their own pair of wrestling shoes at some point this season. If you don't have them the first few practices, no big deal, but you will want to get a pair as soon as possible. Wrestling shoes may run in a different size compared to regular shoes.  You may want to try on a pair before buying online. 
We suggest going with a less expensive pair, as they grow out of them quickly at this age. However, this is personal preference and the more expensive ones do usually hold up better. If you have a wrestler that has grown out of his/her shoes, we are always accepting donations of used shoes for future wrestlers!
Headgear is MANDATORY if you are competing in the USA Wrestling tournaments.  They are also good for practice. 
Cliff Keen Tornado Youth for the younger kids is a good option.   
Older boys have more options. 


Local stores that carry wrestling equipment:
Dick's Sporting Goods
Online wrestling equipment outfitters: